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ruskin morris center
ruskin morris center ruskin morris center

ruskin morris center

The Ruskin & Morris Center of Osaka is situated at Nose-Cho (Town), a beautiful natural town, in the northern districts of Osaka Prefecture. People can easily access the valuable materials and documents, collected from all over the world, research and study the thoughts of both Victorian social thinkers, John Ruskin, art critic, nature and landscape conservationist, and his disciple, William Morris, art designer, poet, old buildings and landscape conservationist. Based on the clear water, land, air and wind, it would be desirable for people to find creative hints for sustaining beautifully and activating creatively their home regions with historical and cultural resources, landscape, which are the bases of artistic feelings, with traditional performing arts and designs, which give a joy and beauty in the daily life, and also with the natural environment subsuming forest and agriculture, which are the bases of origins of life. Finally, people would be able to be self-independent, virtuous, wealthy, and symbiotic to nature. ***Associated Links***

ruskin morris center ウィリアム・モリス ジョン・ラスキン